February 22, 2013

Return to KeyNote

I used to be a fan of Evernote, mainly because it could sync my work (or so I thought) seamlessly from PC to PC to tablet. Today I’ve determined to return to my old note-taking program, KeyNote, or rather, its new version KeyNote NF. From now on, I’ll only be using Evernote to jot down quick thoughts and to clip stuff from the web.

Why the change? It’s not because Evernote is a bad product, but rather I was looking for a way to work that’s more in synch with the way my brain works. And my brain seems to like compartmentalizing projects and having a good way of dividing stuff into organized chunks.

Thus, KeyNote. Where Evernote keeps all my jottings, whether it be under photography or cooking or writing, all in one place with only minimal subdivision into folders, and no multilevel folders, KeyNote allows me to keep discrete files for each project and multilevel folders. So when I want to work I can open only the file related to that project, allowing me to focus more strongly, and break my ideas into modular chunks.

The only thing KeyNote can’t do for me at this time is work on my tablet, which is what I take with me in lieu of a laptop when travelling. Easy enough – I can copy/paste any KeyNote notes I made into Evernote, and anything I do on Evernote on the tablet can be synced to the Evernote on my PC.

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