February 27, 2013

Hari Ragat Vivid: Storms

A storm is treated as a combat opponent, with all characters on board the ship ‘fighting’ it to either stay on board or keep the ship from taking harm. Storms are thus given a T/R rating just like a monster.

While the storm rages, the assigned Pilot must steer the ship to safety, and away from dangers like massive waves and rocks on which the vessel can break. In the meantime, everyone else who can take an active role is either trying to stay on deck or keep the oars and/or rigging working, or bailing water out. This is a job for the Corsair, but defaults to the Caste Role for non-Corsair characters.

Defeats for the Pilot while fighting a storm may result in damage to the ship’s Hull or loss of a ship’s Trait, while for the crew Defeats mean getting washed overboard or injured by breaking structures or debris. Victories mean survival, and the Pilot’s Victories are applied against the storm’s Resistance; enough Victories by the Pilot means the ship has ridden out the storm and remained afloat.

The idea is to make the experience of a storm a cinematic, cathartic experience for the players. If nobody’s breathing a sigh of relief by the time the encounter is over, the GM wasn’t playing the storm hard enough!

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