January 19, 2013

Tribes of Bronze Map, Take 2

Kharzond map (C) Dariel Quiogue 2013

Got a hankering to work on Tribes of Bronze again yesterday, stayed up doing it until late in the night. There comes a point when, to keep writing consistently I need a map, so that’s what I did.

Again, Tribes of Bronze revolves around barbarian tribes migrating into the civilized lands due to an Ice Age.  I toyed around with other ideas, including magical blights, demon infestations, etc., but the Ice Age angle just kept coming back.  Then I realized something: what do oceans do during an Ice Age? They recede.  And receding oceans reveal things that may have been better hidden!

The light gray areas on the map indicate exposed sea bottoms. Kharzond is a supercontinent formed from the linkage of the continents of Alzond and Kharadzir, with the sea between them now forming the Great Salt Waste.  The icons dotted across the Salt Waste indicate known Elder ruin sites.  There are more, of course, yet to be discovered. Since the dead sea bottoms are also the land bridges to the warmer, richer southern continent, expect to have some hairy Elder encounters on the way to the Promised Land!

And while sea bottoms are being revealed, lands once inhabited or even civilized are being covered by the Marching Ice. The High Tundra was once a cold but rich hunting ground, but it’s now almost totally under ice.  Climate fluctuates during an ice age, though, so locations that are under ice may suddenly become accessible again for a while when the glaciers temporarily retreat.

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