December 4, 2012

Hari Ragat: Heirloom Weapon Properties

Heirloom weapons are doubly precious because of their age and history; the longer a weapon has been around, the more time there has been for its spirit to have awakened. It is this spirit that gives the heirloom weapon its properties, for better or for worse. The spirits of such weapons must be ‘fed’ in a manner appropriate to their nature at least once every month. Some possible properties of heirloom weapons include:

Bloodline Guardian
This weapon has been passed down from father to son of an illustrious bloodline, and its spirit remembers this. The weapon grants Advantage whenever it is wielded by a member of that bloodline in righteous cause, or to protect a member of that bloodline. Its spirit is fed by ritually presenting it to the ancestor spirits, along with minor offerings, once a month.

This weapon’s spirit was awakened by murder or the need to take vengeance. The weapon hungers for blood, and so it always scores one more Victory Point than normal if you win an exchange with it and you meant to wound or kill. However, you may not unsheathe this weapon then return it without letting it taste blood first, even if it has to be your own. Its spirit is fed by human blood – if you can’t make a kill once a month, you have to give it some of your own!

This weapon’s spirit was awakened in the slaying of a giant. It now gives Advantage to attacking giants. Its spirit is fed by singing to it the Song of Indarapatra and Lawana, or a similar epic involving battle with some giant, once a month.

This kalis tulid or panabas has been used for executions, but the upright nature of its user has given the spirit within a discernment of justice. The blade’s magic only works on those guilty of some serious crime. You gain Advantage when wielding the weapon against confirmed evildoers. Its spirit is fed by ritually washing then oiling the blade in perfumed water and then in aromatic oil, once a month.

This weapon’s spirit is strongly attached to you and seeks to avenge any hurts or wrongs against you. You gain Advantage when wielding the weapon against anyone who has previously struck you or insulted you. Its spirit is fed by making offerings and prayers to it once a month.

This weapon was tempered in the venom of a very ancient, magical snake when it was forged, permanently imbuing the steel with poison. Whenever you win an exchange in which you struck with the weapon, you gain an extra Victory Point. This does not work however on anything that is immune to snake venom. Its spirit is fed by an offering to the snake spirits once a month.

The first owner of this weapon was slain by foul witchcraft. The spirit of the weapon remembers this, and so grants Advantage to resisting spells and to attacking witches and sorcerers. Moreover, so long as you have the weapon in hand you can identify witches and sorcerers even when they’re in disguise. Its spirit is fed by making offerings and prayers to it once a month.

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