December 3, 2012

Hari Ragat: Ancestors Preview

From the Character Creation chapter, here’s a preview of some of the Ancestors you may take for your character:

once again I turn to Amaya for my visuals ...

Legendary royal ancestors include the Ten Sires and some of their descendants who became kings. Aside from the benefits listed below, only Vijadesans who can claim this ancestry may take the title of Rajah.

Rajah Marawid
Any living descendant of Rajah Marawid Magat Sikanda Bayahari inherits a truly epic opportunity – and a whole lot of trouble! This ancestor makes you a claimant to the title of Rajah Hari Ragat, but it also makes all other descendants of Rajah Marawid your rivals, and their supporters likely your enemies.

If you win enough Renown (GM’s call), the goddess Lalahon will reveal to you the location of the true Diwang Lahi stone, which will allow you to prove your claim and begin the quest to reunite the Vijadesan race. This ancestor brings no other benefits. (Check with the GM if he will allow this ancestor in the game.)

Rajah Sikanda Bayahari
Favored descendants of Rajah Sikanda are blessed with his eloquence and leadership. You gain Advantage to social contests where persuasive eloquence will help, and in situations where leadership is tested. These benefits however cannot be claimed to deceive anyone, even in a good cause.

Rajah Laksamana Bayahari
Favored descendants of Rajah Laksamana benefit from his consummate warrior skills, so long as they maintain a standard of honor similar to Rajah Laksamana’s own. This ancestor gives you Advantage whenever you fight in a formal duel vs. anyone other than a descendant of Rajah Laksamana or Rajah Sikanda his elder brother. This powerful spiritual advantage is very tightly focused, but it cannot be negated.

Rajah Mangawarna
Favored descendants of Rajah Mangawarna enjoy Advantage to resist any form of sorcery or witchcraft. However you must never kill or eat a monkey, as these are considered sacred to Mangawarna’s descendants.

Rajah Indarapatra Mangawarna
Favored descendants of Rajah Indarapatra inherit his righteous anger against the Raksasa giants, giving them Advantage whenever fighting a Raksasa. However you must never kill or eat a monkey, as these are considered sacred to Rajah Mangawarna’s descendants, Rajah Indarapatra being of that line.

Rajah Tulum
Favored descendants of Rajah Tulum the Bull-Slayer gain a strength Advantage whenever fighting bare-handed.

Rajah Baginda
Favored descendants of Rajah Baginda excel as corsairs, but also tend to be touched with some of that pirate king’s evil. This ancestor gives you Advantage whenever performing seaborne raids, as long as you always put your own benefit and purposes first.

Rajah Bangkawil
Favored descendants of Rajah Bangkawil inherit his righteous wrath. This ancestor makes you hot-headed, specially involving matters of honor, but you gain Advantage whenever you fight in defense of honor – whether your own or someone else’s.

Rajah Sumuron
Favored descendants of Rajah Sumuron inherit his prowess at hunting. You will never fail to locate your prey – no rolls needed. (You may still have to get into contests to actually reach your prey and and make the kill). To retain Sumuron’s favor, however, you must never hunt with anything but close-range weapons, such as spears.

Rajah Paduka Matanda
Favored descendants of Rajah Paduka Matanda inherit his wisdom and good judgment of men – but also his total inability to read women! You gain Advantage in any social contests vs. men, but this is reversed when dealing with women.

Rajah Sina
Favored descendants of Rajah Sina tend to have gold stick to their fingers. You gain Advantage in trading and bargaining, and in appraising goods, so that your profit is always greater. Moreover you also inherit Rajah Sina’s level-headedness – you may claim this as Advantage in any social contest where you are resisting someone’s attempt to make you angry or get you to fight when you don’t want to.

Rajah Dulay
Rajah Dulay Magat Sikanda Bayahari was king of both Kaliraya and the Taglawa state of Kaboloan in his lifetime, and had great renown as the most honorable of allies. He died in battle defending his queen’s claim to the throne of Kaboloan. Because of this connection you are entitled to claim three favors from the Rajah of Kaboloan during your lifetime.

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