November 6, 2012

Hari Ragat: A Rational Split


Hello all! Couldn’t resist posting a pic from my trip with Hari Ragat partner Marc Reyes (and our respective SO’s) around Davao and Bukidnon.  It’s particularly appropriate that this pic is a sunrise, as we’ve something new dawning for Hari Ragat!

Over cups of strong Bukidnon coffee, we decided to split HR into multiple games.  The first is Hari Ragat: Dakila (Great or Valorous), which deals with the epic exploits of the warrior caste.  HR: D will revolve around raids, monster hunts, courtship quests and tournaments, and the politics of rising kingdoms. It’ll be the intro game, as it’ll be far easier to get into the setting with a warrior character.

The second game is Hari Ragat: Alamat (Legend, Myth) revolves around the supernatural dealings of the shaman class.  Why the split? Marc and I finally realized that the two character types simply don’t adventure together – their concerns are very different.  We could either shoehorn them both together into some kind of D&D-with-loincloths, but that’s been done before; or we could give them each the game they deserve.

HR: A will revolve around the shaman’s burden of being the intermediator and guardian standing between man and the spirit world.  Typical adventures revolve around supernatural disturbances, finding out what caused it, and solving it by putting the pieces of the puzzle together  until  the shaman can design a rite to end the problem. 

Sometimes the problem does concern a monster or evil creature like the mangkukulam (sorcerer) or aswang (vampire), so players who don’t want to play shamans can play Alagad – warriors dedicated to the shaman’s service.

The two games will of course share the setting and even characters.  Shamans are NPCs in Hari Ragat: Dakila, while warriors are NPCs in Hari Ragat: Alamat. Dakila will come out first, sometime around the first half of next year, and Alamat shortly after.


  1. Your choice makes sense! They will still interact on occasion, correct? Warrior characters may still run into NPC Shaman...(?)

  2. Doh! I didn't read the last paragraph - it is as i thought.

    I'm really looking forward to these rules (both sets!) :-)

  3. Thanks Howard! We went round and round on this issue until we finally hit on this solution. :-) It was only when Marc said 'if their adventures are so different then they should have different games!' that it all clicked.


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