September 8, 2012

Gods of Gondwane Reviewed by Armchair Gamer!

Thanks again to Alex at Armchair Gamer for his enthusiastic review of Gods of Gondwane!

It’s very encouraging to get this kind of feedback, now I’m thinking of what else to offer gamers who like Gondwane.  More Remnant civilizations to meddle with? More about the Shapers and the ‘Living Gods’? More NPCs and villaiins? More adventures?


  1. Big fan of Gondwane - I'll have to check this out!

  2. hi i am a master/player from italy ; thinking about to set up a fantasy campaign of d&d 3.5 into the Pangea and searching for a map of ancient Gondwana/Laurasia i found casually your blog.
    So basically, casually i came across one fo the best environment/ambientation ever written.
    Seriously, this is one of the best things i've ever read, and i will use your ambientation for my campaign, someway it enchanted me.
    Many thx for your work, and btw, have you ever thought to adapt GoG to a rolepalying system and then to pourpose it to an editor ?
    Because in honesty it would deserve to be pulished and you really deserve to make some money from it, ok im sure you write mainly for passion...but i repeat, this is the best ambientation i've ever read...really.
    keep the good work on and thx.

  3. ps
    excuse me i wrote the same message to you 2 times because i thought to had post the first PM somewhere in an old page of the blog and i wanted to be sure you recived it :)

  4. Hi Pier! Sorry, I'd tried to reply to this before, thought the reply went thru but apparently it didn't. Thanks for your kind comments! Gods of Gondwane is available (for free) on RPGnow --

  5. hey Dariel, i did a campiagn of D&D 3.5 inspired to your gods of gondwane.
    basically i menaged to capture the party and force them to fight for a mysteroius city ruled by an elite of masked priests/wizards serving a living God, they live at the center of a city of slaves, in an ancient and cyclopic conic shaped tower.
    the party is forced to wear "magical" metallic neck collars and to join the slave legions of the city as recon team : if they run away their masters will know where they are, if they escape too far their heads will blow up.
    After many fights they discover that the Living God is the same conic tower where is hidden a mega-computer connected to a satellite orbiting around the planet : this artificial intelligence is the mysterious Living God that no one is admitted to see.
    the ruling elite thinks to have the control of the system, but in reality they follow the AI's orders as simple slaves, exactly as everyone else in the city.
    clearly it has been a nice campaign, the fusion between fantasy and arcane technology gives a unique impact to the game, if you considerate that we use critical hits and no resurrection spells, you can have an idea of the sea of pain and terror my mates had to travel into.
    many thx for your ideas, and keep the good work !

  6. That sounds like a really fun campaign Pier! Very pulp-y feel. If it were a Gondwane campaign I was running, I'd have the PC's destroying a living god gain them the attention of the Shapers themselves, so they'd start to be in even bigger trouble! :-)

  7. They didn't destroyed the AI ( only 4 men...they would ve been just wiped out ).
    During the recon missions for the slave legions of the city, they found a completly crazy old Witch ( a real one ) walled in her own decadent palace by order of the mega-computer many years before, watched by golems(artificial constructs).
    She had the bad habit to do the bath into the blood of young girls to rejuvenate...thinking that a more noble blood would've been better she started to kidnap and kill the daughters of the ruling elite...bad choice, the AI get indeed upset.
    Anyway, the Witch knew the secret to deactivate the neck collars but in exchange for this info she wants to be freed...

    sometimes you have to make bad things to be free, this is the moral of the fable :)

    i still have to "build" the Shapers as characters, this is needed in D&D to use them in combat, and takes a fair amount of time : anyway the party didnt realized that the AI has been built by an Alien race, they belived some kind of "demoniac race" did it and then go away in another dimension as the old legend tell.
    and in effect this is quite the truth...

    in fact we play in another world, not the earth, the AI must to be like a "colony" of the Shapers' experiment...but i plan to send them on YOUR jurassic earth very soon via Time-Net/ DImensional Portal...and to let them to explore YOUR gondwana ambientation..with all the consequences of the case...

    i yet can see their faces when i will attack em with a Tripod full of "greys" or killer androids...

  8. Echoes of Elizabeth Bathory! I'm really liking your campaign Pier. Did you start this as a new campaign, or did you add this to an existing one?

  9. i added this quest to our regular gameplay, set up a in a "classic" fantasy world : we play quest after quest with 2 masters/players at rotation, if a character get killed the player just build another new one and join what's left of the party for the next rave.
    so basically i just added to our regular/classic fantasy gameplay a structured campaign inspired to your gondwana work.
    as of now i just kept out a direct use of firearms, anachronists and the Shapers.

    anyway im planning to move the party on the earth directly into your gondwana : to let them to explore an ambientation written by another one may be a cool mastering experiment.

    im planning to insert modern firearms ( treated as very rare artifacts as in your concept ) and the Shapers as race, instead i think i will not use anacrhonists.

    i will send the party in an exploration travel led by Nobles/Merchants in search of fortune on the sea, like the cristoforo colombo's one ; but they will be pushed from a storm in a titanic malestrom, that is in reality a dimensional door....that links our classic fantasy world to your gondwana/jurassic earth, so they will have to explore it.
    i will let to them freedom to choose where to take land and the direction they want to go to, but the map will be mute.
    so basically i will try to build and structure quests following your creation and mixing to it other elements in a good pulp style.


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