August 22, 2012

In a Maranao Antique Shop


After shooting the street parade during the Kadayawan Festival, I retreated from the enervating heat into the Aldevinco native crafts arcade.  Spotting some beautifully incised brassware, I entered a shop called Omar’s Antiques – and this rack of vintage kris  was staring me right in the face! Note the use of old coins to decorate the scabbard of the kris at top right.


Wonderful carved scabbard for a kampilan, 5th from left.


Ivory pommel on a silver hilt, brass collars on the scabbard. This kris must’ve belonged to a noble, or a successful warrior.


I don’t know what the sword above is, it looks like some kind of saber but the hilt seems to be the tip of an elephant or walrus tusk. 


A selection of kris hilts. I just love the art of the southern Philippine peoples.

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