May 18, 2012

Android Migration

I’ll be gone for a while, with a trip to the undersea wildlife haven of Coron and then to Siem Reap, Cambodia.  In between those trips, though, I’ve got about a week of nothing to do but write.  My chosen tool for it is my Asus Transformer Prime, a device I find to be the sweetest compromise between laptop and tablet that’s now on the market.

But.  Big quibble.  The Transformer runs on Android, and there are no Android apps that work well on RTF files.  None. You can convert RTFs to PDFs using online converters, or to Word.  It’s a very strange oversight on the part of Android app developers.  Don’t these guys know RTF is the go-to format for cross-platform sharing of text documents?

So, like it or not, my workflow’s going to change.  I’ve set MS Word on my laptop to save in .doc format again, and I’ll have to upload my exported RTFs from yWriter – now that is an excellent program! – to Google Docs for download as .doc files to my Transformer. 

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