April 26, 2012

Slayers and Junglewalkers

I’m thinking of replacing the Hunter Role with two different, more specialized ones: Slayer and Junglewalker.

The Slayer is a warrior who has come to specialize in hunting and killing monsters.  He knows tactics for taking on very large animals, maybe powerful  poisons for making his weapons more effective, or how to bait monsters into traps, and so on. 

The Slayer’s prey are supernatural versions of dangerous game, such as the wild boar – Hogzillas occur rather regularly in this milieu! – dragons and giant crocodiles, and giants.

The Slayer is usually of the Orang Dakila caste, and his focus is on hunting dangerous prey as a means to increase his Renown; though he certainly knows how to track and negotiate jungle terrain, he’s not as good at it as the Junglewalker.

The Junglewalker is a specialist in jungle travel and survival, as he makes his living as a hunter, tracker, guide and gatherer of forest products. 

Junglewalkers usually come from the Orang Malaya caste, often from the poorest families – those who cannot afford to farm, but must instead dwell on the outskirts of the settlement, or in the jungle itself.  Their constant exposure to this environment gives them their thorough knowledge of it.

In adventures, the Junglewalker’s fortes are in jungle travel, tracking, and jungle warfare.


  1. Not sure I like the dividing line all too much. That said the other dividing lines are also a bit confusing now that you are expanding.

    This seems something more for a private email or a face to face discussion. Heheheh

  2. Bots, one reason I'm doing this split is because of your character concepts as presented in the playtest. Your description of your character actually matches a Junglewalker more than a Slayer.

    Slayers: think Hercules, or if you're looking for a model that's closer to our source, the Bicolano epic hero Handiong.

    Junglewalker: think Aragorn's role in Fellowship of the Ring. He's the one who can get you through a threatening, trackless environment.


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