February 6, 2012

Mount Apo from my bedroom window


Mount Apo, the Philippines’ tallest mountain, as seen from my bedroom window.  I loved the way the heavy clouds wreathed the mountain.  There’s a forest of exotic ferns and dwarf trees near its summit, which my wife and I will be going to sometime around March.  I can’t wait!

In the meantime, it’s already inspired a part of the Hari Ragat setting:

The cooler, wetter highland forests from 3,000 feet and up consist of different trees than in the lowlands, many of them various kinds of pine. Vines and bamboos are also very abundant. Because of the wetter conditions, tree trunks are often coated with moss and fungi, and many unique herbs grow hidden in the underbrush. Because of the elevation, terrain and lesser availability of food, the animals here are smaller than in the lowlands.

The higher altitudes are covered by cloud forests, dominated by dwarf trees, tree ferns, and mosses. A swirling mist blankets these cloud forests for much of the year, so that moisture drips from every leaf and branch all day. Strange animals make their homes here, and it is said that these are also the preferred homes of the mountain diwatas.

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