February 10, 2012

Hari Ragat: the World of Irawat

The Hari Ragat game is set on the world of Irawat, which the Vijadesans also call Sankalikhaan, the One Creation, and Sankaragatan, the One Ocean. 

Irawat  is a flat ocean world studded with islands. There are no continents upon it, only some very large islands and many island chains. The world is innately magical, with its ‘natural’ phenomena driven not by what we would call physics, but by the actions of gods and spirits.

The world of Irawat has a single sun, a single moon, and a 24-hour day. What is visible as the sun and the moon are really glowing gemstones, torn from the eyes of the Great Serpent, and borne on the ships of Apolaki and Mayari, the gods of sun and moon.

Both sun and moon rise from the isle of Sulad, the home of the gods, which lies in the farthest east. When they set in the west, they sail invisibly back across the sea to return.

The skies are hung with stars, flung there by Inang-tala the goddess of the stars to be her divining board. The changing patterns of the stars can foretell the seasons and the workings of Fate, if one knows the secrets of reading them.

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