January 31, 2012

Syrene: the Treasure of Lin Wan Hong

Lin Wan Hong is one of the most notorious pirates in the history of Syrene, and his hoard is still one of the most well-known and most avidly sought of lost treasures. He began his career as second-in-command of the 158th Imperial Tribute Fleet, a charming, cunning, ambitious raconteur whose meteoric rise had made many enemies at court - among them the fleet's commander, Lord Admiral Yong Tsui.

Legend says Yong Tsui caught Lin Wan Hong embezzling the treasure fleet's funds. Threatened with charges and humiliation back at the imperial court, Lin Wan Hong took advantage of the crew's dislike of their admiral to lead a mutiny. He ended up sailing away with half the fleet, nearly all the treasure on board and more than 6,000 men.

The mutineers founded a pirate colony, and for many years they terrorized the southern islands until Lin Wan Hong mysteriously disappeared and his pirate kingdom fell apart. The hoard of Lin Wan Hong is said to lie hidden on one of the southern isles, but which one?

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