January 14, 2012

Hari Ragat: The Merry Cyclops

This adventure hook is inspired by the Philippine legend of the Bungisngis, a cyclops with a predilection for laughter.

The Merry Cyclops:
A laughing, invincible cyclops (Bungisngis) appears and demands to be fed and entertained. It won't take no for an answer, it threatens to consume all the community's food, and it takes no harm at all from any weapon. How to get rid of the monster?

a) The cyclops' weakness is alcohol; get it drunk, and it's at your mercy.  But how to get something that big drunk enough?

b) The cyclops is only vulnerable to wooden weapons; anything with a metal blade/point won't pierce its hide.

c) The cyclops cannot abide salt and says he wants none in his food; if he can be tricked into consuming at least a handful of salt, he becomes vulnerable.

d) The cyclops will voluntarily leave if it can be defeated in a contest of its choice.  Of course it always picks contests that favor its size and strength.

e) The cyclops will leave if commanded to do so by its true name.  The trick is to find out that name.

f) The cyclops is mortally afraid of thunder, and of anything that sounds like thunder. 

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