January 23, 2012

Earth Benighted: Dolemasters


The Dolemasters are the oligarchic ruling class of the Benighted Earth.  They dwell in environmentally-sealed Towers, and their power lies in their control of the subterranean fungus tanks that produce most of mankind’s food, and over the oil that fuels the war machines created for them by their Science-Priests. The Science-Priests are both their accomplices and rivals for power.

Corrupt, decadent, extremely self-obsessed, they will do anything to maintain their power and hedonistic lifestyles.  Most are worshippers of Voraxos, god of gain and gluttony, while some also follow Azhraloth, Hekate, or Asmodai, or have even had themselves inducted into the blood-drinking cult of Haemogorgos for the promise of longevity and eternal youth.

The Dolemasters get their name from their main hold on what they call the Vulgrat population, which is control of the food and fuel supply.  The Vulgrats (vulgrat = vulgar + rat) are the masses of destitute humanity that have are trapped in the slums beneath the Tower cities because they cannot survive out in the waste. 

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