January 18, 2012

Earth Benighted: the Deathbard


Deathbards are the leaders and envoys of the barbarian tribes in Earth Benighted.  These warrior-poets are followers of Morgaia, and are distinguished by the fact that they’ve already died once.  Deathbards are in fact a sort of undead, having been restored to life by Morgaia in exchange for taking the lead in the fight against the Seven Dread Lords and their toadies, the Dolemasters.

The main power of the Deathbards is their energy and tenacity of life; all Deathbards have near-superhuman strength, can survive multiple wounds that would kill a normal man, and recover from injuries inhumanly fast.  The price for this is permanently living in the fast lane: Deathbards must consume prodigious quantities of meat, liquor, and sex!  Yep, think Conan or Kane on meth! (Actually, Kane would be the quintessential Deathbard.)

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