December 30, 2011

The Fate of the Jangalans in your hands... Soon!

Hello everyone, Marc here. I've started collaborating with Dariel to bring the awesome world of Hari Ragat to the Fate RPG system.

Fate has many, many branches. And since I have done some published RPG work for the Cubicle 7 version of Fate, the Hari Ragat conversion will be to that branch. This is the system used in Starblazer Adventures and Legends of Anglerre. I intend the Hari Ragat Fate RPG to be fully compatible with the Cubicle 7 FATE rules.

Rather then present a suite of RPG tools as was already done in Starblazer Adventures and Legends of Anglerre, I have chosen to take the many, many rules from the books and assemble them in such a way so that a specific story is told when playing the Hari Ragat Fate RPG. This story will be the one about your characters going on raids to earn Renown, then progressing to run a community turning it from a small jungle hamlet into a walled metropolis, then finally, found great noble houses to vie for the title of Hari Ragat to usher in a new age of glory in the Jangalans.

It's a pretty ambitious task. But I'm up to it. I'll be posting to the blog at least once a week with updates on how the conversion is going, and some of my notes on translating Dariel's concepts into the Fate system.


  1. If I am reading your post correctly, you will be working in a published product? If so that is incredibly exciting news.

    I have used LOA and Starblazer Adventures to run an Arabian Nights game, as well as a Fading Suns game. I am also running a Diaspora campaign right now, and while I admire elements if Diaspora's pristine design aesthetic, I much prefer the LOA/SA implementation of FATE.

  2. Everyone, please welcome aboard my partner and collaborator, Marc!

    I've been reading his FATE implementation drafts for various character types and mechanics in Hari Ragat, and I can confidently say that anyone who wants to play Hari Ragat using FATE will be getting an epic experience!

    Watch out for more posts on both the FATE and Vivid versions as we develop them through 2012!

  3. Hi Tallgeese. Yes, Dariel and I are working towards a published Hari Ragat RPG, in both the Vivid and Fate versions.

    Hopefully once these rules are released, you can regale us with your tales of Jangalan Raiders showing up in the world of Arabian Nights, or combine them with the Fading Suns setting to create a truly unique game. :) (Tattooed Warriors in Space, anyone?)

  4. I don't know anything about Fate, but am keen to see Vivid and the Hari Ragat setting published and Cubicle 7 seems to do a good job from that point of view!

  5. Hi Marc:

    I would be happy to play Hari Ragat adventurers anywhere, anyplace, including right in the Jangalan archipelago. However, I am sure a few intrepid tattooed warriors did make it across various califates all the way to Baghdad. :)

  6. Hi phf,

    Just to be clear, Dariel and I haven't got a publisher for the books. We plan to go do this via self publishing at the moment. We can do this since most of Cubicle 7's fate rules are released under the OGL.


    That's good to hear. Actually having southeast asian warriors show up in the middle east isn't all that impossible, considering that the trade routes were already established, historically at the time. :) (Not just the warriors but the monsters too! Wait until you see what we've got cooking...)


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