December 31, 2011

Concept Conversion: Renown

In the Vivid RPG implementation of Hari Ragat, Renown is a measure of your character's fame and legacy, and is the sum of ratings of his assets.

For the Fate conversion, I decided to fall back on the original thematic purpose of renown, which is a measure of the character's fame and legacy. I then realized that since renown is a key part of the setting, it should be handled like an aspect.

But most aspects are static, Renown seems to drive the Orang Dakila to greater and greater acts of heroism and accomplishment. I decided to handle that by making renown a Future Aspect: an Aspect that has "conditions" set that the character must fulfill in order to achieve that aspect. Once the character has fulfilled the conditions, the aspect is reworded to reflect the new character's higher status and higher ambitions.

Here is an example of this progression at work.

Badong Amats of Hiyasan

Marked: Will marry a beautiful Binokot princess from a faraway place. 

          Three Plot Points:

                    1. Gain fame enough to feel worthy of a binokot princess

                    2. Travel to the faraway island.

                    3. Win the princess hand in courtship.

After Badong Amats achieves all 3 Plot points, his Renown now becomes Known and he must now change his Asprational aspect to the next level.

Known: Found the settlement of Salan and become Datu.

     Three Plot Points:

         1. Recruit the pioneer ruling council of Salan. 

         2. Locate a suitable island and clear out the enemies that live there.

         3. Defend the settlement from an enemy raid.

After Badong Amats achieves the 3 plot points, his Renown now becomes Honored and he is now Datu Amats of Salan. 

Honored: Grow the settlement of Salan and discover his Bayahari lineage.

Three Plot Points:

        1. Grow Salan into a walled City. (Salan -> Kota Salan
        2. Eliminate Red Sail Pirates that are choking trade in the region by building a power bloc.
        3. Rescue Sri Minaya from the Dalaketnon and find out his true heritage as a scion of house Tarhata and Datu Marawid by getting the true Diwang Lahi.

After Datu Amats achieves the 3 plot points, his Renown now becomes Esteemed and he is now Datu Amats Tarhata of Salan.

Esteemed:  Install the new Hari Ragat Hagibis I Matanglawin into power as part of the ruling council.

Three Plot Points:

    1. Lead the Tarhata coalition in winning support among the southern islands.

    2. Repel invaders from Tien Xia.

    3. Seize Penjan as the new seat of the Hari Ragat.

After Datu Amats Tarhata of Salan has achieved all 3 plot points, he is now Exalted and is Rajah Amats Tarhata of Salan, Guardian of the South, Admiral of the Yellow Fleet and father of Princess Adipura, Betrothed to Samajo, heir to the Hari Ragat Hagibis I Matanglawin. 

Exalted. The aspect remains as his title. This may change into something aspirational but renown will never increase. The character has already entered the history scrolls of the Jangalans and will be forever remembered in myth and legend.

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