April 19, 2011

Hari Ragat: Treasures

I just realized, after my last post on Roles and Assets for Vivid, that there should be a category of items that should not be considered as Assets.  These are the mythical treasures that some heroes are born with or acquire during the course of their adventures.  They’re just too special. So for Hari Ragat, there will be a separate listing of Treasures.

What’s the difference? Put it this way: a Herd of Buffaloes is an Asset; a Talking Prophetic Buffalo  is a Treasure.

Unlike Assets, Treasures are:

  • Unique and not usually acquirable by purchase;
  • Listed individually;
  • Often do not need a rating;

Treasures may be inherited, given as a divine gift, come as part of a bride’s dowry, won as booty, or traded for another Treasure.

What’s the value of a Treasure? Treasures are simply too special to have a value translatable to Wealth or any other Asset. Instead, a Treasure is worth whatever other Treasure you’re willing to part with.  You cannot buy a Treasure, but you can barter a Treasure for one, or get it as a gift in exchange for something proportionately heroic.

Moreover, I’m going to make Treasures count toward the endgame by having them contribute to your character’s Renown.  The more Treasures you have, therefore, the higher your total score.

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