April 25, 2011

Gondwane: Character Origins

I’m seeing basically three possible origins for characters in Gods of Gondwane:

Anachronists are those who have been transported to Gondwane from modern Earth.
Anachronists may come from any time-period in history, but taking the 1920s to the 1940s as your character’s point of departure is most appropriate given the pulp feel of this game.
Gondwane will be a strange and almost unexplainable place to you, specially with its traces of ancient super-science and its living gods – not to mention men living with dinosaurs!

Gondwaneans are of course people born and bred in Gondwane. Gondwaneans are human in every respect and look quite ordinary; the most common racial type in Gondwane stands 5.5 – 6 feet tall, is brown-skinned, dark-haired and dark-eyed.

Most Gondwaneans come from civilizations that are roughly on par with the civilizations of the Classical Era – i.e. Greco-Roman, Persian, Phoenician, etc. etc. Most Gondwanean peoples possess bronze and iron technology, sailing ships and oared galleys, and use domesticated dinosaurs as mounts and draft animals.

Some Gondwaneans are born with psychic powers, and go on to develop these as mystics, wizards or sorcerers. All these weird disciplines are considered as unnatural and malicious witchcraft in most Gondwanean societies.

Remnants are people who have somehow escaped the Shapers’ efforts to exterminate mankind at the end of previous cycles of the Great Experiment. As such, Remnants should be very rare.

Remnants may have appearances that vary quite far from the modern human norm: some are very tall, some are dwarfs, some sport strange coloration, some even have non-human genes.

Quite a few Remnants will also have psychic powers – in fact a higher proportion than ‘modern’ Gondwaneans, because of course these are the more likely ones to survive the Shaper exterminations.

Most Remnants will look strange enough that they are readily identifiable in Gondwanean society unless they take steps to disguise themselves.

Because Remnants may ‘contaminate’ the current experiment, Shaper policy is to eliminate them whenever they are found. This is often done through agents, who simply have to plant suspicions of witchcraft against the Remnants as the Remnants’ appearance and strange ways make them stand out. Remnants who travel only know that they are marked for persecution in Gondwanean society.

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