April 20, 2011

Dragons of Syrene

Dragons exist in several distinct breeds, and more could appear at any time as a result of crossbreeding between the currently known types.  However, the dragons of Syrene all share some common characteristics: a serpentine or lizardlike reptilian form, a horned head, four limbs or less, and the capability to spit a venom that bursts into flame on contact with air.  Many of them possess innate magical powers such as the Lothanid dragon’s ability to reduce land to barren desert, or the Arcurean dragon’s ability to mask itself with illusion.  Only the Zemaean dragon is winged and can fly.

Dragons may be encountered anywhere on Syrene, but they will usually be found in the islands, specially among the Vanishing Isles, for good reason.  All dragons of Syrene have their origin in the sea.  The first dragons were born from the womb of the titanic serpent Seshana, who created them to be weapons in her war against man and the gods, and gave birth to them in the sea. 

Now dragons still migrate to the Eye of Syrene, where they mate, then disperse to lay eggs on deserted islands.  The hatchlings immediately make for the sea, where they spend their first several years until large enough to survive as major land predators.  Only a few dragonlings of all those hatched will make it to adulthood.  Dragon hatchlings often look like ordinary lizards or snakes, and so draw little attention until they mature. 

All dragons are loners and will tolerate no other dragons near them save in the mating waters.  Dragons will attack, kill and devour any other dragons that invade their territory, or be killed and eaten themselves if the invader is stronger. 

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