April 27, 2011

Creatures of Syrene: Lothanid Dragon

Lothanid dragons are very rare, three-headed, golden-colored dragons that have the most powerful venom of all dragonkind, and like the Azhdaeans they can draw nourishment from the land itself by absorption.  In their case, any land they live in progressively grows drier and hotter, until in the end it becomes a desert.  Their ancestor Lothan turned Elsayal and much of Palmaria into desert in just this manner, before being entombed by the divine eagle Simmur under a glacier.  Lothanids cannot abide cold, and their Bane is ice – unlike the immortal Lothan, they can freeze to death.

Lothanid dragons do not hunt much, drawing the bulk of their sustenance directly from the land as they desiccate it.  When they find limited sources of water such as a spring they drink them dry, and their magic prevents the spot from ever refilling.  When they do get the chance to feed on a lot of meat, they get sleepy and bury themselves under sand to sleep for up to months at a time.

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