April 23, 2011

Creatures of Syrene: Balaurean Dragon

Balaurean dragons are known by their multiple heads, and always an odd number of them.  They begin life with a single head, but every few decades, after gorging to satiation, they sleep for a year and wake up with two additional heads.  This adding of heads stops only when the Balaurean dragon has nine heads. Unfortunately for its victims, this is the only time a Balaurean dragon sleeps, unlike other dragons that sleep frequently every year.

The Balaurean dragon’s body is short and thick, growing ever thicker as more heads grow out; the tail is short and thick, as are the four stubby legs that are only capable of humping the creature along at a slow pace.  Overall length is about 40-140 feet, with the longest necks making up almost a third of this length. Its scales are black.

Balaureans use their magic not to corrupt their territory, but to enrich it.  Their mere presence in an area for an extended period makes the land and nearby waters more fruitful in all ways – there is more game, more fish, fruits and nuts grow larger and sweeter, pearls form in shells, and eventually gold and gems will be found where the dragon has laired.  All this of course is nothing but bait for the Balaurean’s preferred prey, man. It will only eat enough wildlife to sustain itself, but waits to gorge on human flesh.

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