April 21, 2011

Creatures of Syrene: Azhdaean Dragon

The largest dragons are the Azhdaean breed, those that have inherited the most power from the Serpent Mother through their grandsire the immortal Azhdakhar, who mated with his own mother before setting forth to attack the stronghold of the gods. 

Azhdaean dragons can grow to enormous lengths of up to 180 feet or more.   An Azhdaean dragon has a long serpent-like body with four short legs, a head with multiple horns, barbels on its chin, and a spiny crest running from the back of its head to its hips. Their great scales are of metallic bronze and green, almost midnight black in places, with fine red-gold markings – a great prize for any who can slay the beast.

Azhdaean dragons are near-immortal, having very tough armored scales and the power to regenerate, and can rejuvenate themselves by shedding their skin but only after they have fed well for many days in a row.  So tough is the Azhdaean dragon’s hide that practically the only ways to kill one are to use its Bane against it, or to attack its only soft spots, its eyes and mouth.  Like all other dragons, their venom bursts into flame on contact with air, and they can spit this as far as a spearcast.  

Their powerful innate magic also manifests as abilities to mesmerize their victims into immobility, to command animals, and to draw nourishment from the living land itself, thus slowly corrupting and destroying life by their very presence.  This leads to Azhdaean dragons not being able to hide their presence for long, and a need to move territories every few decades. This magic is in their blood, and any who drink the blood of an Azhdaean dragon and survives may acquire a magical ability.

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