September 14, 2013

Confessions of a Jaded Geek: 11/30

I’ve just passed the 1/3 mark of the 30-day D&D Challenge! Am I missing D&D yet? I’m missing gaming, period. I only get my gaming fix nowadays when I go to Manila. Hope to change this by fixing up the continuation of the Hari Ragat playtest online, soon.

Day 11’s question is indeed relevant to the playtest, as it asks what’s your favorite adventure that you’ve run? Once again I have to say my answer won’t be something from D&D, but it was related. The adventure was about two villainous brothers who could not be killed by any ordinary means thanks to a curse, from my Red Branch (ancient Ireland in the time of Cuchulainn) campaign.

I liked running it because of the story, and the fact that the way to kill the brothers involved solving a prophetic riddle.  The action was also intense, with a very cinematic duel scene held with Tommy, and a slam-bang chariot battle at the finale. I also liked very much the fact that my players were struck by the weirdness and magical feel of the setting I tried to weave. Setting is really important to me, and if my players feel something from the setting that’s really really satisfying.


  1. This sounds like a very cool adventure/campaign. What system did you use?

  2. The players made it work -- nothing like 12 crazy guys role playing drunken Celts at 1 am! :-) I used Pendragon 4th ed initially, then I ported it to a homebrew system for a more cinematic feel. Most of the campaign material was sourced from the Pendragon supplement, Pagan Shore.


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