August 4, 2013

How the Raksasa Got Their Banes

From the legends of the Vijadesan people:

“Raksasas feared and hated mankind from mankind’s birth, knowing they would be enemies and that mankind had the favor of the gods. Now it is known by both man and Raksasa that the gods can be swayed by extreme shows of devotion, so Dasakan, first Rajah of the Raksasas, was able to come up with a plan to outwit Aman Bathala himself.

“Dasakan made grandiose sacrifices to Aman Bathala for seven years, then fasted and purified himself under a waterfall for seven more, and then had himself buried in a cave for yet another seven.  At the end of this time, Aman Bathala had no choice but to relent and finally granted Dasakan one boon.

“Dasakan immediately answered, ‘Make us Raksasas unkillable.’ But the Creator said ‘No, it is your fate that you can be killed. Ask something else.’ Then Dasakan said, ‘Let no Raksasa die save but by the means he or she chooses at the moment of birth.’ To this the Creator agreed.

“Now every Raksasa born gets a choice of how it may die, and some made stupid choices and some made cunning choices,  but all of those choices are written in the stars, and may be read by the truly wise. This is how Aman Bathala outwitted Dasakan, who thought he could outwit the Creator himself.”

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