August 4, 2013

Building Unique Giants for Hari Ragat

When I refer to Raksasas in Hari Ragat, I mean creatures like this:


and this (by the way check out the Kickstarter for the card game I got it from):


not this:


nor this (awww, but why not!?):


The Raksasas in the Hari Ragat setting are based on the epic opponents of the Ramayana, as filtered through Southeast Asian lenses. The ‘kaiju’ of the Indarapatra at Sulayman epic were probably also Raksasa. These legendary Raksasa were gigantic, often multi-armed and multi-headed, and very hard to kill.

To model that in the game, and the fact that every major Raksasa had very different powers and abilities, I’m putting together a random-roll creation system for making them. Among the ideas I’ve got right now are:

  • Number of heads indicates spiritual power (which in Hari Ragat = hit points)
  • Number of arms = greater Advantage in combat as they increase
  • Defensive powers such as scaly hides for more armor, or poisonous blood that harms the wounder
  • Randomly rolled Banes such as:
    • vulnerable only in one head
    • vulnerable only in one eye
    • heart hidden in another creature
    • vulnerable only to a specially prepared weapon
    • vulnerable to something you’d never think of as a weapon (cf. Baldur and the mistletoe)
  • Shapeshifts to diminutive form to escape attack
  • Shapeshifts to another giant form for different attack strategies
  • Regenerates damage
  • Reforms two whole giants every time it’s cut in two
  • A Roar attack that can paralyze opponents with fear

And so on. I’ll have to organize all these ideas into a table form to make them usable. Hopefully the result will be that every Raksasa the PCs encounter will be so different the players will have to rethink their strategies all over again each time!

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