July 29, 2013

Shaman PC Questionnaire

Shamans may take some unique Ties because of their supernatural connections. To round out your shaman character, answer the five questions below, or mix and match Ties from this list and from the normal character creation list:

1) You have had a vision of some impending evil, and only you have the means to stop it. What is it, and what must you do?

2) Someone in your community has been practicing foul sorcery. You can’t be sure who, but you have three suspects. Who are they?

3) The ancestors are offended with someone in the community, but this person refuses to make the required placatory offerings. Who is it, and what do the ancestors want with this person?

4) Another shaman has become your mortal enemy. Who is it, and why?

5) Some time ago, you gave someone a supernatural gift, but this person is now abusing it, so you have to take the gift back. This person won’t give it back willingly. Who is it and what was the gift?

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