July 23, 2013

Eldworld Saga: a High Fantasy Concept


A long long time ago, a desperate band of refugees from Medieval Europe’s ceaseless wars fled into an ancient forest, and through it into the Eldworld, the realm of the Fey. There they made a bargain with the Erlking, who allowed them to found the kingdom of Arthleon in exchange for their giving up the use of iron which was deadly and repellent to the Fey and promising to obey Fey customs.

There followed a long era of peace and prosperity, with Arthleon burgeoning into a magnificence never seen on Earth. Many Arthleonese intermarried with the Fey, and through the admixture of Fey blood gained the power to work magic. But then more humans invaded the Eldworld, hardbitten mercenaries looking to found their own realms, and they began carving dominions for themselves with the power of cold iron. These became the Iron Dukes, and there was war between them, Arthleon and the Fey. And in a grievous disaster, an Iron Duchies patrol recently chanced upon the Erlking while he was hunting, and slew him with an iron lance.

Now the Fey are leaderless and angry, with many of their lords recalling their ancient hatred of man. Arthleon stands without its old friend the Erlking, and the Iron Dukes are once again preparing for war. Arthleon needs heroes. Will you be one of them?

I’m thinking of developing this into a ‘small’ RPG, one that runs less than a 100 pages, for PDF release. Funny how while working on one thing (Hari Ragat) my brain keeps interrupting itself with other ideas …

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