June 19, 2013

Weapons for Hari Ragat


I often talk about Forgotten Asia – the parts of Asia that don’t often make it into F&SF and video games, lost in favor of China and Japan. Well, these weapons came about due to that frustration, since I couldn’t find any to use in Mount and Blade. A week or so ago, during a lull between assignments, I downloaded Wings 3D and started playing around with it. Soon I was devouring tutorials like peanut butter sandwiches.  Looks like Wings is real easy to learn and use, since I was able to make these within a few days of starting. I didn’t realize the other value of the project until my partner Marc pointed them out to me: namely, that we can use these as art in the Hari Ragat book. Yep, sometimes I miss the most obvious things.



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