December 7, 2012

A twist of FATE in the Janggalans

Evil Hat has posted a new version of the FATE system called "Fate Core".

After backing the kickstarter campaign and reading the new rules, I think it is the most awesome thing that ever happened to the FATE implementation of Hari Ragat.

The original plan was to use the Legends of Anglerre system, (which I had a little hand in developing) but the problem was that to implement Hari Ragat properly in Anglerre, I would have had to develop lots and lots and lots of constructs, items of power, organizations, etc etc. The approach was because I felt that to do the setting justice using the Legends of Anglerre system, I had to model the world and stat as much of it as I could.

With FATE core it is now possible to streamline this, such that it would be possible to just get the essential Hari Ragat experience, since it was clarified by the designers that what really matters in FATE is the "narrative physics" of a story. I don't need to create constructs... the constructs can just be treated as "extras". This would simplify things a lot, and it is closer to how Dariel has expressed Hari Ragat in Vivid.

Now that I have freed myself of the constraints that I felt Legends of Anglerre imposed on me, I am now thinking, "what is the narrative gameplay experience that the FATE version of Hari Ragat should give to my audience?" I do not want it to be exactly the same as Dariel's Vivid version. I am of the opinion that if you want the "pure" Hari Ragat game experience you must play the Vivid system version. If you play the FATE version, you will be playing a slightly different game... a game that I'm putting my own twist on.

The game's settings will be identical. However the differences will be in the narrative priorities of the versions. At this time, I'm still forming how the FATE version, powered by the new Fate Core system, will be different from the Vivid version.

And that is my current challenge. Stay tuned for future updates!

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