August 14, 2012

The Subtle Jester of Scorpio

ae_25_legionsI couldn’t resist posting this.  As an uber-geeky sword-n-planet fan, some of the best moments I had when reading Kenneth Bulmer’s Dray Prescot novels was when I would encounter one of his many subtle, good-natured digs at Edgar Rice Burroughs or other writers.

In one book, I forget which, Dray Prescot relates that during the American Civil War he ran into ‘a Virginian gentleman who was much inspired by my adventures’ and wanted to do the same!  Talk about turning the tables!

In another book, Dray Prescot wryly observes that he’ll have no truck with declaring himself ‘the best swordsman on two planets.’  Yowch!  Anyone for a John Carter-meets-Dray Prescot-in-a-battle-royale comic book crossover?

Another writer Bulmer turns Prescot’s broadsides on is John Norman, notorious for his S&M-flavored Gor series.  On the far side of Kregen is a continent called Gah (gah! the puns!) which is considered in particular distaste for its slavery practices.

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  1. I just finished #52 and am melancholy about it being THE END of this saga for me... though the book does not end the story line, which leaves me even more unsettled. I was deeply affected by the Prescott character since I started reading him 40+ years ago as a teenager. I don't suppose anyone other than similar fans would know what I mean. I know the last posts here are 3 years ago, I hope someone gets an email and will commiserate with me.


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