April 21, 2012

This Monster Could Go Anywhere!

Aquarists at the Blue Reef Aquarium in Newquay, Cornwall (UK) found this bizarre, four-foot long marine worm demolishing their coral exhibits. 

Not only is it enormous (for a worm!), its jaws bit through a 20lb fishing line while they were trying to catch it, and it is “covered with bristles which are capable of inflicting a sting resulting in permanent numbness,” according to the aquarium’s curator Matt Slater.

Isn’t this a critter worthy of joining your adventures?


  1. Another reason to never go swimming in tropical waters.

  2. Ha ha, that's a pleasure I just can't give up! Seeing as how I live 15 minutes away from some beautiful coral reefs ... :-)

  3. Well, I live in a country where the recommended procedure when bitten by our most poisonous snake (which I think is our most poisonous anything) is 'Relax for a few hours, and don't eat or drink.'

    Compare that to Box Jellyfish, Stonefish and the cute little critter above, and you might understand why I get a little paranoid.

  4. Yup, if there are box jellyfish in the water I'd probably find something else to do than swim.

  5. Ever read the War Against The Chtoor novels by David Gerrold.


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