February 2, 2012

Syrene: the Latter Valsung Wars

After the war of 704, the Dark Forest frontier was quiet for a full century. In 812, however, civil war was raging in the Imperium again, and exploiting the weakness of the Varantines, King Herubrand of the Valsungs allied with King Geirrod of the Balmungs to raid into Brandelmark. The Valsungs and Balmungs then raided Narvenne in 813, sailed in longboats down the Brandelin to sack Oriendo and Isellas in Cerrania in 814, and captured Riganne, capital of Brandelmark, in 815.

Successful as it was, however, the alliance of tribes was short-lived. It is said Herubrand and Geirrod had a falling out over the spoils, while others say Geirrod quarreled with his son; but Geirrod was found murdered in the winter of 815, and in anger the Balmungs burned Riganne to the ground before returning to the Dark Forest. Loss of the food stocks at Riganne forced Herubrand to retreat also, and the Varantines re-entered Brandelmark.

The last Valsung invasion of the Imperium occurred in 820 CR. Herubrand was killed, and his son Herugerd made peace with the Varantines. As part of the settlement after the war, Herugerd pledged mercenaries for the Varantine army, thus creating the elite Northguards cavalry units.

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