January 12, 2012

Janggalan Hog Croc

This species of dwarf crocodile lives only in Lake Inangbulan, on Namaya island.  Though no larger than a man, and not considered very dangerous, it is a vicious creature with a mean disposition and a poisonous bite.  The Taglawas hold it in utmost contempt, calling it buwayang taba, fat crocodile, and often use the term as a pejorative for unpleasant or greedy folk. 

Unlike its large predatory cousins, the hog croc is an omnivorous scavenger, and over the centuries of the Taglawas living on the lake, it has also become a coprophage, lurking underneath the lakehouses to feed on human waste. 

The hog croc has weak jaws, and though it will attack and devour small animals, it rarely ever preys on man.  When disturbed, however, it puffs its body up with air and makes threatening noises.  If provoked even more, it will bite -- and because of its foul diet, its mouth is so unclean as to be poisonous. 

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