January 15, 2012

Game Theory and Storycrafting

One of my objectives for 2012 is to crank out more fiction, and in doing so, break out of the ‘Ok, what’s next?’ bind I all too often find myself in.

It may have been the onions in my corned beef, or the sheer strength of my 3 cups of Davao coffee this morning, but I think I’ve reached a sort of enlightenment. The name of the game, perhaps, is game theory.  Once the basic premise of the story is firm in my mind, I should map out the characters’ goals and how they plan to achieve them, and map out the hero’s ‘victory conditions.’ 

When I’m clear on everyone’s motivations and methods, I should be able to write out the story pretty smoothly.  I’ll be trying this out over the next few weeks.  Stay tuned …

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