December 21, 2011

Syrene: Safiya and Roxellana

artwork (C) Victor F. Cabazor

Another fine piece of character design by Force Vector! These two ladies are pre-gen characters from my Sea Rovers of Syrene RPG, a swashbuckling, island-hopping fantasy game setting I’ve been developing for some time.  (Currently on the back burner as Hari Ragat has priority).

Roxellana (left) and Safiya (right) are sisters, born of of the great trading house of al-Husayri, but following very different paths.  Roxellana studied Tidesinger magic and is a follower of Ishtra, goddess of the sea and dolphins, while Safiya is a swordswoman and sailor who dreams of a captainship on one of House al-Husayri’s merchantmen. 

Note that Roxellana has both a sword and pistol.  She’s not very good with either, but she does have and use them – steel and gunpowder are not mutually exclusive with magic in Syrene.  Instead of using her magic as artillery, Roxellana uses it to know and control the elements she has affinity with – the wind and waves.  She can also use that magic to communicate with dolphins and seabirds. 

Safiya on the other hand was your traditional swashbuckler, feisty, hard-headed, a bit overconfident of her sword skills – to the point that she’s never bothered to become a good shot.

In the game Roxellana was played by my wife Cathy, and Safiya by Vic’s friend Bennylee. 

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