December 27, 2011

Syrene: The Dollhouse Isle


A captain trading to the farthest East, named Jirem, recently brought back a most intriguing curiosity; a woman six inches high. He had found her on one of the Vanishing Isles, or rather she had found him while he was exploring the island. She was, she said, the victim of an evil deev's sadistic sport.

It was the pleasure and amusement of this deev, she said, to capture passing ships, shrink everyone on board to her size, and turn them loose in a miniature, labyrinthine city, like a huge dollhouse, that he had stocked with snakes, carnivorous lizards, wildcats, rats and other creatures - all of them small and mostly harmless to men, but a holy terror to the shrunken victims. She alone had found a way to escape, and seeing Jirem's sails, had gone in search of someone to rescue her. The captain and crew were so terrified at her tale that they immediately raised anchor and fled the isle.

Caliph Jadar in Barisa has offered a handsome reward to whoever can capture and bind this evil deev, and gifted the little woman with a generous dowry for her marriage to the captain - as soon as the royal sorcerers succeed in restoring her to normal size, of course.


  1. I like that. Having watched 'The Burrowers' last night, this is an apt post :)

  2. Thanks Simon! Expect to see more story seeds like these for Syrene and Hari Ragat. :)

  3. Very cool, I love seeing legendary stuff like this as inspiration.


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