December 16, 2011

Machaira: a Fantasy Race

machaira - art (C) Victor F. Cabazor

The Machaira are a warrior race I made up for my Twilight Age setting.

Humanoid creatures with the heads of saber-toothed tigers, they are the result of alchemical bio-engineering using alien technology combined with genes from Earth humans and animals.  They’ve no real ecology as such, being completely unnatural; instead, they’re doomed to life as fighting slaves, performing in the arenas, serving as bodyguards, or as elite shock troops. Their great size and strength is often paired with powerful two-handed weapons and heavy armor.

Special Abilities

Enhanced Senses – the Machaira have sight, hearing and smell much better than a human’s.

Great Strength – a Machaira stands about 7’4” and is stockily built for its height, and very muscular.  They’re as strong as 6-8 ordinary men.

Blood Frenzy – Machaira have been bred to react in violent, murderous frenzy to a specific stimulus: perceived threat to their ‘master.’ 

No Machaira is free of this; however, it has been found that Machaira do have the freedom to define who their master is.  This has led to a rather terminal form of surprise for some callous owners of Machaira slaves in the past …

Bite – the Machaira does have saber canines, giving it a very deadly bite.  The bite itself doesn’t have a lot of force, but the fangs make deep wounds.


Hungry Carnivore – Machaira require an almost all-meat diet, and lots of it. When denied sufficient meat, a Machaira grows increasingly sullen and possibly violent, and may take off unexpectedly to hunt and eat whatever it can.

Devotion – a Machaira must choose a PC or NPC to be the focus of its devotion.  It has a compulsion do everything in its power to protect that character.  This does not mean it will blindly obey the focus of its devotion though! 

[This is the first of a new series of blog posts featuring the art of Force Vector, a good friend of mine and a very talented artist.]

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