December 6, 2011

Hari Ragat: the Sarangay

The Sarangay is a demon of the wilderness from Filipino myth, described as having a hulking, shaggy humanoid body and the horned head of a bull, with a red gem depending from one ear.  It is said to breathe smoke or steam from its nose when angered.  It’s the local version of the minotaur.

(C) Morano.Vincent

This gave me two ideas for its treatment in Hari Ragat:

My initial idea was to take the account of the Sarangay breathing smoke and give the creature some fire-based powers.  If an angry Sarangay can gaze at an inflammable object uninterrupted long enough, or spit on it, that object catches fire.

The other idea was to make the Sarangay a truly savage brute in melee, by making it immune to forged weapons.  So long as the Sarangay retains its gem, it is immune to all metal weaponry.  The only way to kill it is to steal its gem, use wooden weapons, or crush it in bare-handed combat Beowulf-vs.-Grendel style. 

The gem of course has magical powers, and in the latter version, will grant the same immunity to its wearer. 

The Sarangay’s motivations are to protect its claimed area of wilderness, usually centering around its cave lair, to feast on human flesh and ravish human women, and to protect its magical gem.

EDIT: This is a good example of why I shouldn’t blog when hungry.  My last sentence originally read ‘to feast on human flesh and devour human women …’


  1. Dude, did you do research on this? Because no literary discriptions of the Sarangay says its a demon. In fact, it's the good version of the minotaur and represents strong moral values. You really wanna present sucha twisted image of our myuthical beasts?

    1. I work as a librarian for the University of the Philippines and Dariel requested that I confirm your claim.

      The Sarangay is a creature of lower Philippine mythology, i.e. demon, of Ibanag origin. This is mentioned in multiple books on the subject of Philippine mythology.

  2. Please show me your source for that, I could not find it in any of my researches.

    Also,this is my own take on it.

    Third, I wonder what authority you have to make this comment, seeing that your profile name is in Chinese, or is it Japanese. If you're a fellow Filipino, please identify yourself positively.

  3. Hi Dariel,

    I really admire your illustrations. Can I use the Sarangay picture on my list blog? I'm gonna link it back to your profile with your blog's name as the anchor link. Thanks.

    Lui (

  4. hi, the sarangay drawing is by vincent morano, not me.


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