September 30, 2011

People of the Black Circle!

Given Google+’s way of doing things, there was really just one name for my closest cabal of gamer friends: The People of the Black Circle!  Still one of my top three Conan stories by Robert E Howard.

What are your Top 3 Conan stories?  Mine are A Witch Shall Be Born, People of the Black Circle, and Red Nails.


  1. I just added you in google+. You have an awesome name for searches, mine's a little harder to find the right one.

    For example, in the BC government, there's another Keith Davies, in my ministry, who works literally across the parking lot from me...

  2. Those are good ones. I'd probably keep Red Nails, but replace the other two with Queen of the Black Coast and Xuthal of the Dust.

  3. Great choices. I'd say Rogues in the House, Queen of the Black Coast, and The Hour of the Dragon.


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