September 6, 2011

Hari Ragat: Scaled Map

Finally decided on a scale for the map.  The Bakonawan Chain extends for about 3,000 miles on a straight northwest-southeast line, and the entire archipelago including the outliers spans an area about 2,500 miles wide from west to east.  That’s a lot of room for adventure!


  1. "Lots of room for adventure" indeed. The region described is almost twice as big as the entirety (including permafrost) of Canada.

    You have lots of space... and in fact, travel might be problematic.

  2. I'm starting to envision the world as made up entirely of islands, kind of like Ursula le Guin's Earthsea.

    As for travel, overland travel *should* be problematic. The islands are mostly mountainous and covered with tropical rain forest. Most travel will be along the coasts, which suits the seafaring folk of this setting just fine :).

  3. I expect that even sticking to coastal travel things will be a long way apart. You might even find that 'non-coastal' travel is undertaken with caution, at best.

    Consider too the effects such a world design would have on weather. Without significant landmasses to break up the airflow and water currents you could find some wicked, wicked storms and the like. You think wet season is exciting *now*, wait until storms can travel most of the way around the world building up their power.

    It occurs to me that in the absence of major landmasses you might find that you could even have one or more bands of impenetrable, persistent storms at different latitudes.

    Which, now that I think on it, could make for some exciting play. I'd be tempted to span these permastorms with landmasses (insufficient to actually prevent the storms) to provide for a nominally safe way to travel between the zones.

  4. Thanks for the comments. I may rescale things down a bit if needed. That said, epic voyages are a major part of what goes on here, so vast spaces to travel are a must.

    As for weather systems, this world isn't really a 'planet' but rather a totally fantastic world, where the weather system is maintained by two gods who each rule one of the monsoon winds.


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