September 23, 2011

Hari Ragat: PC Bonding

Ideally, PCs should have some form of bond to make the want to adventure together and support each other.  I think I’ve done this by means of some random-roll bonding mechanics to be used before starting the game, every time a new PC is introduced.

First, each player must make a Bonding Roll vs. every other player.  The Role to use is Orang Dakila.  If the PCs are of different castes, +1 die to Orang Dakila vs. any other caste, +1 for Orang Kaya vs. Orang Malaya or Orang Dukha.

Victory means the other PC owes your character; Defeat means you owe the other PC; and a Stay means you are united by some common issue.

Possible common issues include a heroic rivalry for Renown, a shared experience like growing up together or being shieldmates in a battle, having a common enemy, or being blood brothers. 

Debts can be for material goods, favors, or a life debt made in gratitude for some great service.

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