September 1, 2011

Hari Ragat: Heritage Tables

I’ve been coming up with the Heritage tables for players to roll on when creating a character.  Here’s a preview:

    Bahandi item          1d3
    Weapon                 1d3
    Armor                   1d3

    Oath of vengeance
    Oath of brotherhood
    Oath of love/fidelity

    Ancestral guardian    1d3
    Radiant beauty         1d3
    Heroic strength         1d3

    Tattoo of Glory         1d3 location - shoulders   
    Tattoo of Ferocity     1d3 location - face
    Tattoo of Vitality       1d3 location – breast

You’ll be rolling 1d6 three times to determine category, then roll 1d6 again for the results under that category.  I didn’t include everything yet, but this should give you an idea of how it’s taking shape. 

The 1d3 and 1d6 rolls indicated with some entries determine the rating of the Asset you just acquired. 

Bahandi items are precious goods such as brass gongs, ceramics, and wares of gold or silver that make up your treasure trove.  In their case, the rating is their value – both commercial and social.  The main function of bahandi items is to show prestige; you gain prestige for receiving them, and you gain prestige also for giving them away.

Entries in italics are Hooks, and not rated.  They act as spurs and opportunities to gain Renown.


  1. Looks like a quick and easy way of setting up some nice background hooks.

  2. Thanks! More to come in this vein soon!


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