September 25, 2011

Hari Ragat: Character Advancement

While characters in Hari Ragat do start out as heroes from the get-go, they do have opportunities to improve. 

You get +1 die to assign to any of your Roles on achieving the following milestones:

  • Your character comes of age*
  • Your character gets married
  • Your character is made a datu
  • Your character is made a lakan
  • Your character is made a rajah

Also, you may shift around your Role dice assignments once every game year, reflecting changing priorities and responsibilities.  For example, a hero who starts as Warrior 5/ Orang Dakila 2 in his youth may end up a Warrior 3/ Orang Dakila 4 on reaching middle age – he’s no longer a front-line fighter, but a tribal elder.

The way this works, Role increase will occur very seldom; this keeps player character power from ballooning out of hand, and keeps players focused on scheming to gain more Renown and increase their Assets.

*This is if you started your character as a minor.  You start with less dice to assign to Roles (5), but more chances at Divine Gifts.

You gain 1d3+1 dice to distribute to any Assets you wish, up to their maximum values, every time your Renown hits a multiple of 50.  Most hero growth will occur in Assets.

The GM may grant a direct increase to Wealth after a successful raid or trading expedition.

Bala, spiritual power, is permanently increased by +1 every time your Renown hits a multiple of 100.  In addition, there are certain deeds that can immediately increase Bala:

  • Eat a noble creature’s heart: +1 Bala*
  • Slay an enemy hero: +1 Bala**
  • Obtain a blessing from a diwata or nuno: +1 Bala
  • Sacrifice Wealth/Bahandi worth 5 dice: +1 Bala
  • Your character marries: +1 Bala
  • Your character is elevated in rank: +1 Bala
  • Eat a dragon’s heart: special***

*A noble creature is defined as any large game animal or naturally occurring predator with a Renown Value of 15 or more.  The entire heart must be consumed, meaning this cannot be shared.

**This award goes to the character who gave the finishing blow.  A hero is defined as any character with a Renown Value of 20 or more.

***It’s a risky but potentially highly rewarding move to eat the heart of a mameleu, markupo, bakonawa, or bawa; you could gain much power, or be killed.  This is decided with a roll; succeed and you get +3 Bala, fail and you have to Soak damage from the poisonous dragon blood.


  1. I don't know the source material you are drawing from, so this might be completely goofy.

    What if, instead of potentially 'just' dying as a consequence of eating a dragon's heart, there is the possibility of being tainted? If dragons are generally 'bad things' the source of taint is obvious, but if dragons are 'good things' wouldn't it seem wrong to kill them for power?

    Kind of like drinking unicorn blood for power... hard to think of that as a good thing to do.

    If they are neither good nor bad, even so their power could corrupt by its very nature -- humans aren't meant to have that kind of power.

  2. Hi Keith, thanks for the inputs! Corruption is indeed an appropriate consequence, since these dragons are usually considered evil.

    Their evil though is not a 'moral' evil, it's more of being a pitiless, destructive elemental force. So the corruption could take the form of inflaming the existing desires of the character -- he can become too ambitious, or too bloodthirsty, etc. etc.


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