September 20, 2011

Hari Ragat: Caste Roles

In the full Hari Ragat game, playing characters of other castes can be made an option.  Character creation rules are a bit different depending on your character’s caste:

Orang Dakila
The warrior-aristocrats. The default caste for PC's, 7 dice to distribute and 1d3+2 Bala. Roles covered include warrior, hunter, sailor, and aristocrat.

Orang Kaya
The merchants and money-lenders, commoners who equal the Orang Dakila in wealth but not necessarily prestige.  5 dice to distribute and 1d3 Bala.  Roles covered include merchant and sailor.

Orang Malaya
The commoner caste.  5 dice to distribute and 1d3 Bala.  Roles covered are farmer, fisherman, hunter, laborer, craftsman, and warrior.

Orang Dukha
The slaves.  8 dice to distribute and 1d3 Bala.  Roles for Orang Dukha include laborer, farmer, and subterfuge – from telling lies to feigning illness to sneaking around! That’s how a slave survives. 

Orang Dukha characters are unique in their ability to get two caste Roles; Orang Dukha, and whatever their original caste before their enslavement. 


  1. How many other castes are there?

  2. Just one more, the Orang Pandita -- the religious caste. The Orang Pandita, like the Orang Kaya, are a newly developing caste; they're only present in the larger kingdoms.

    Orang Pandita are an offshoot of the Orang Dakila caste. In communities like the one that was the PCs' homebase in the intro adventure, the shaman came from the Orang Dakila caste. But in a larger kingdom, Orang Pandita will have more sophisticated education, and be raised in a tradition entirely different from that of the warrior caste.


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