August 29, 2011

Vivid System: Risk Dice

I’ve a new idea for a mechanic, thanks to some rumination on how hunting could work in Hari Ragat. 

Risk Dice are bonus dice you can get for taking on additional risk.  These should be represented by differently-colored dice.  (I’ve a couple of deep red crystalline d6’s I call my ‘Blood Dice,’ which I used to roll for damage vs. the PC’s when DM’ing, that should be perfect for the job!)

When any of your Risk Dice turn up a 6, you get a complication in addition to the outcome of the roll (which will usually be good, considering you’ve got a 6).

In combat, Risk Dice could represent striking harder or with a flurry of wild blows; on a 6, your sword breaks, gets wrenched from your hand, gets stuck, etc etc.

In hunting, in Hari Ragat, Risk Dice represent how deep into the jungle you go.  Hunting within a few miles’ radius of your home gets you 0 Risk Dice.  Go deeper into the jungle, or up into the mountains, and you get increasing Risk Dice: you’re more likely to encounter big game, but you’re also at greater risk of stumbling onto a party of headhunters, or angering a Diwata!

I’m gonna try this on my players! 

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