August 6, 2011

Holy Cow!

Is this Fate? I was researching the look of the art I want for Hari Ragat, and I came across this page in the Philippine Comic Museum Online.  I’ll reproduce it as a screenshot here so you can see what I’m talking about.


That name circled in red?  That’s my family name.  I never even knew any of us got into publishing, much less publishing comics! Holy cow!


  1. Looks like you have some investigating to do. What a great discovery.

  2. If you find more similar images I would love to see them! How common are those old comics around the Philippines? Are similar things being published these days?

    Did you know there has been discussion of making Filipino Warrior miniatures in 28mm scale?

  3. @Sir Timothy of Kent: Yup, looks like it. Nice thing is, the Quiogue clan reunion happens August 14 or thereabouts. :) Howzat for coincidence?

    @phf: Still looking ... Not many copies of these old comics survive. Like the old pulps, they're printed on cheap newsprint and decay very easily in our humid climate. And those few copies I've seen in collectors' shops ... I can't even go near them because of the mildewy smell. They give me asthma :)

    Great news about those Filipino warrior miniatures! Wonder what they'll base the minis on, and what weapons they'll carry? Hope they get them right - we actually have monuments where the mounting of the kampilan blade is wrong!

  4. Super Cool Dariel. It would be a real long shot, but if the artist was young when that comic was made, they might still be alive, and able to give you some pics...


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