August 4, 2011

Hari Ragat: Other People II

Some encounter and adventure ideas based on my earlier post.

An allied but ambitious datu’s enemies are falling one by one, each killed under mysterious circumstances, but there is no way to tie the deaths to their obvious enemy the datu.  The secret: the datu long ago secured the services of an Orang Bakawan hunter who now acts as his assassin. 

The assassin is incredibly stealthy and skillful, equally adept with bow, blowgun and spear.  It would be best to take him alive, so his master can be accused with proof and brought down without triggering a feud. 

The Princess of Pasai
The race is on to marry the princess of Pasai, the remote and legendarily wealthy Taglawa kingdom on Lake Inangbuan.  The journey is perilous, for not only will the suitors have to cross the sea to Namaya Island, they will have to travel far inland and past the mountain home of the Dimalupi headhunters to reach Pasai.  And when they reach it, they will eventually find that the princess’ most favored suitor is a raksasa in disguise!

The Headhunters’ Lure
A young woman descends into a Taglawa town and, finding the heroes, begs for their help.  Her father, she says, is an old hermit who has gotten injured; he has to be helped down the mountain and into the town for healing. 

This is not the whole truth, however – the old hermit is not injured, but rather held captive by the Dimalupi, who have charged the daughter to bring them warriors worthy of being ‘harvested.’  If a PC can win the woman’s heart, however, she reveals the truth. 

As an extra attraction for rescuing the hermit anyway, despite the deception, the hermit can teach the PCs some new magic or give them a magical tattoo as a gift.

The Victim
An innocent man has been sent into the mountains to die at the hands of the Dimalupi.  When the mistake is discovered, the heroes are asked to go into the highlands and bring the exile home before the headhunters can find him! Or her!

This could lead to an investigation type adventure afterward when our heroes try to find out who was behind the innocent’s being charged and getting the wrong verdict. 

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