August 9, 2011

Hari Ragat: Book Lineup & Plans

I’ve been thinking of putting Hari Ragat up on Kickstarter for funding, so I can finally start going after that make-or-break ingredient – art.  This exotic setting needs art, lots of it, and good art at that.  Art that I think can best be provided by Filipino comics artists. 

I want the likes of Nebres or Nino or Alanguilan to do art for me – or at least the covers – but now that they’ve been published by US companies like Marvel, how can I afford their rates?

So this is what I’m thinking of doing with the concept:

  • Hari Ragat Playtest
    a one-shot adventure with pre-generated characters and just enough of the rules to run the game (free PDF);

  • Hari Ragat Players’ Guide
    Epic roleplaying in a setting inspired by maritime Southeast Asia;the full core rules and setting (PDF)

  • Hari Ragat Deluxe Edition
    Epic roleplaying in a setting inspired by maritime Southeast Asia; the full core rules and setting, plus exclusive additional content such as war game and empire-building rules (PDF)

  • Trials of the Godborn
    experience the world of Hari Ragat from a radically different perspective – as one of the giant, sorcerous Raksasas! (PDF)

  • God-Kings of the Volcanic Plains
    travel to the world of Hari Ragat’s past, for intrigue and jungle warfare with elephants and chariots in the legendary realm of the Nayyalinga kings!

Why all PDF? Considering my circumstances, and the fact that I’ll be producing the books here in the Philippines with most buyers likely to come from the USA or Europe, going all-electronic media for now is probably the best option.  As I can do the layouting myself, my only out-of-pocket expenses should be the art and the initial playtesting.  I’ll consider a POD option later, if demand is good enough.

If I do go POD though, I’ve thought of a possible way to sweeten the deal; I can leverage my shutting back and forth between Manila and Davao to produce some goodies for buyers or higher-end backers.  Maybe something along the line of handcrafted ‘tribal dice’ with shell/mother of pearl/brass pips.  Hmmmm ….

One big hurdle to pass though; as of now Kickstarter will only take projects from US residents.  Wonder if they’ll let me ask a relative to open a project account/proxy for me?


  1. Um, you could ask them what their rates might be? After all, Alanguilan is only two degrees or so away from you networking-wise.

  2. I would be interested in your game, but would definitely prefer to buy a book - hard cover preferably. PDFs don't work for me - the print outs are always inferior to games in book form, and the PDFs get "lost in the files" on my computer.

    I am interested in producing miniatures for the setting (though my resources are somewhat stretched at the moment.) I also have a number of artist contacts, though none are Filipino.

    Howard Fielding
    The Tekumel Project
    green27 -at- sympatico -dot- ca

  3. @Alex: yup, I plan to ask Alanguilan. once i've go the project funded. :) all my money's currently in lights and lenses :)

    @Howard: hm, again, funding a print run will be a problem for me. But as one of the first to say you'd buy it, you'll get a special price on the printed edition :)

    The miniatures deal sounds interesting. I'm also planning some side games using the same setting, either a card game or a war game.

  4. As PHF said, PDFs don't really appeal to me either, but surely through Lulu (or RPGNow) you could set up POD editions which they would then ship out themselves (either from Europe or the US)?

  5. Hm. Studying Lulu now. I was at first thinking of getting it printed here then shipping copies, but yes, this might be a solution for me. Thanks!

  6. Quick question: RPGnow exclusive, or RPGnow and Lulu? The difference is a 5% less royalties if I go for the two-pronged route.

  7. Personally, through experience as a customer only, I'd go with Lulu. I've never had a mistake with an order from them, but RPGNow botched my first order. However, it has to be said that the RPGNow Customer service was superb. Lulu, again as a customer, I also find delivers quicker - but then it's P&P costs are higher.

  8. I think there are a number of good artists from the heyday of Savage Sword of Conan and the like who probably wouldn't be too badly priced. I don't know if those luminaries you named would be among them, but you might be surprised.


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